When you look to inject new life into your business, you need to feel confident that you are attracting the best possible people for your team.

In a competitive, candidate short market this is easier said than done. With our help you can rest assured we will find the person you need to fuel your success. If there is one thing that will directly attribute to the success of your business, it is the recruitment and retention of your team.

RED will skip the clichés, we offer a consultative process and will give you a window into your marketplace, ensuring you know what you can do as a business to attract the best talent over your competitors. Any number of factors can influence how best to approach your recruitment strategy. We can work together to optimise this process, considering variables such as current market conditions, recruitment budgets, and aligning your values with those of your next recruit.

Our team of specialist consultants have an in-depth market knowledge and will work with you as an extension of your business delivering consultative and honest advice every step of the way. With a high level of integrity we work in partnership with you to ensure that the needs of your business are met and expectations managed.

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