5 signs that you don’t enjoy your job anymore...

by Ella Pumford

1. The dread kicks in every evening

You only got home from work a few hours ago, and you are already dreading going into work tomorrow. You may even think of reasons and excuses to stop you from going in… ‘my dog has swallowed my car keys’, ‘I accidentally got on a plane’ or even ‘my hamster fell off his wheel’.

2. Productivity and motivation levels = 0 

Your day is nowhere near as productive as it used to be, and you find that most of your day is spent playing games, browsing Instagram or even life admin. You can’t even get your productivity levels back up because where do you find the motivation to do that? 

3. Every minute feels like an hour

The day no longer flies by and you start clock watching. You look at the time and its 11:41, look again (feels like an hour later) and its 11:47.

4. You have no interest whatsoever

You have lost all interest, and you just don’t care anymore. You don’t care about the things you are working on, you don’t care about what you have to do, and you definitely don’t care about that meeting you’re having with your manager..

5. You have already been thinking about or looking at other opportunities, even whilst at work

‘What else is out there?’ you’re asking yourself. You get the fear of being stuck where you are until the age of 60, still in the same predicament. You really mustn’t enjoy your job anymore if you are in work browsing other jobs that are out there, even thinking about what it would be like working as a ‘bed tester’, ‘professional queuer’ or maybe even a Recruitment Consultant?  

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